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Essentially Me.

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Hi Friends!

Thank you again for coming here to see where this blog is going to go.  I’m not sure myself, so I really appreciate your willingness to walk with me as I figure it out.

We need a starting point.  A foundation.  My foundation for this blog is simply a lot of trial and error, as it is with everyone.  That’s life.  That’s how we grow.  I’ve done a lot of searching, trying to find out how people get to that point where they can say that they are comfortable in their own skin.  Some people may come by it naturally, but not for me.  I tried on many different hats before I found a place where I feel comfortable.  Not that I am finished growing, by any stretch, but I feel like I’m in a place where I feel comfortable being still.  Wow, how about that?  That feels really good.  I’m also in a place where I feel more confident reaching out.  Exploring.  Discovering.  Sharing.

It’s been quite a journey.  How did I get here?  Well, the Cliff’s Notes version is, in spite of many pitfalls, I found yoga and essential oils.  There have been other discoveries and AH-HA moments, but yoga and essential oils have been the conduit for my energy.  Yoga and meditation have helped me feel grounded and always seeking positive energy.  There is no space for negative energy in yoga and meditation.  This is one of the first things that I have found that I can do totally for me.  Physically and mentally, it re-charges my spirit.

Essential oils have introduced an amazing energy into my life.  I was just listening to a webinar by one of my favorite people, Elena Brower, and she talked about the natural positive energy of essential oils.  Pure essential oils are derived from plants. The oils of the plants protect them from free radicals that can be damaging and sometimes lethal to them.  The oils protect them.  They are positive vibrations.  “Negative vibrations cannot survive the positive vibration of the oils.”  I thought this was a great description of how essential oils work.  When I use them, I feel different, I feel better, but it is always so hard to describe.  Good vibrations.

Well, essentially, that’s me.  I don’t always intend to talk about me in my blogs, but I just thought it appropriate to introduce myself and let you in on a small piece of my soul.  Thank you for walking with me today.

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Hello Friends…….Welcome to my blog.  I’m just getting my feet wet here, so bear with me as I experiment with sharing my new discoveries with you. I’m looking forward to walking with you on this new adventure.  Thank you for joining me!